Lubricating greases with excellent wear resistance

  • STABURAGS NBU 12 is lubricating greases based on mineral oil and barium complex soap. This product is resistant to very high specific surface pressure, thus ensuring good wear protection. In addition, it is resistant to corrosion, water and many diluted alkaline and acid solutions
  • Content: 1kg can
  • Available in 50g tube, 400g cartridge, 1kg can, 25kg bucket

Benefits for your application:

  • Good corrosion protection
  • Good resistance to ambient media
  • Excellent wear protection
  • Good resistance to tribo-corrosion
  • Good load-carrying capacity
  • Good sealing effect


  • STABURAGS NBU 4 has been used successfully on highspeed rolling bearings exposed to humidity or ambient media. It is suitable for rolls, spindles, cam rollers, tensioning rollers and
  • STABURAGS NBU 12 is efficient on medium-speed rolling bearings subject to humidity or ambient media.It is used on water pumps, wheel bearings and motors; and in the textile industry, on all wet processing equipment such as washing, mercerising and dyeing machines.

Product data:

Article number 17052
NSF-H2 registration 135 689
Chemical composition, type of oil mineral oil
Chemical composition, thickener barium complex soap
Lower service temperature -15 °C / 5 °F
Upper service temperature 130 °C / 266 °F
Colour space brown
Density at 20 °C approx. 0,99 g/cm³
Worked penetration, DIN ISO 2137, 25 °C, lower limit value 245 x 0,1 mm
Worked penetration, DIN ISO 2137, 25 °C, upper limit value 275 x 0,1 mm
Kinematic viscosity of the base oil, DIN 51562 pt. 01/ASTM D-445/ASTM D 7042, 40 °C approx. 220 mm²/s
Kinematic viscosity of the base oil, DIN 51562 pt. 01/ASTM D-445/ASTM D 7042, 100 °C approx. 19 mm²/s
Shear viscosity at 25 °C, shear rate 300 s-1, equipment: rotational viscometer, lower limit value 9 000 mPas
Shear viscosity at 25°C, shear rate 300 s-1, equipment:rotational viscometer, upper limit value 15 000 mPas
Drop point, DIN ISO 2176, IP 396 >= 220 °C
Four-ball tester, welding load, DIN 51350 pt. 04 >= 3 000 N
Speed factor (n x dm) approx. 350 000 mm/min
Water resistance, DIN 51807 pt. 01, 3 h/90 °C, rating <= 1 - 90
Flow pressure of lubricating greases, DIN 51805, test temperature: -15 °C <= 1 600 mbar
Minimum shelf life from the date of manufacture - in a dry, frost-free place and in the unopened original container, approx. 60 months

Klüber STABURAGS NBU 12 Wear resistant lubricating grease 1kg